Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Installed?

Having security cameras is important, but it is also important that you get them installed in the most effective places. Having them in the wrong place means you won't get the full effect from them, and it is a lot of money to go to waste. To help you work out where your cameras need to go, we have created a handy guide explaining where we think the best places are.

All exterior doors

Cameras should be installed by all front, back or side doors your home may have. These are the most obvious places an intruder will try to enter your home, so it makes sense to have cameras installed. Your cameras can be placed above or near the doors to be effective.

Windows not facing the street

If your home has windows on a wall not facing the street, these are more prone to break-ins, as intruders will think they are less likely to be caught. You can install exterior cameras above your windows, or have interior cameras positioned close by.


Having cameras facing onto your driveway is a great way to catch any suspicious activity that may be happening outside of your home. As well as this, it can catch any unwanted people walking towards your cars or front door. This way you can catch a lot of suspicious activity that may be lurking.

'Valued' rooms

If an intruder enters your home, they will commonly look for possessions in your living room and master bedroom, as these often have valuable items. It can be a good idea to position cameras in these rooms, to catch any potential theft taking place.


Having a camera in your stairway is ideal, as it is the access point to the upstairs of your home. As a result, you will catch any criminals that go upstairs, as they will have to use the stairs.

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