Keeping Your Home & Business Safe Over the Festive Period

The festive period is well and truly the most wonderful time of the year and a brilliant opportunity for us all to gather together as friends, family, and colleagues. However, it can also be the most “risky” time of year with opportunities rife and opportunists targeting homes and businesses to their advantage. 

To help you eliminate this risk and to keep you as secure as possible this winter and festive season we have put together a comprehensive checklist to consider and implement where necessary.

Lights, Camera..Action!

The most obvious and common way to deter burglars is through lighting and CCTV. Starting off with lighting, it is important to ensure that the exterior of your home and business premises are  well-lit, especially around entry points and any other slightly darker corners where intruders may find an easy access point - think climbing onto your bin shed to get into a window. We highly recommend installing motion-activated lights to surprise and scare off potential intruders, as this works even more effectively than just having lights on around the clock.

With CCTV being a highly versatile option, it is something we always strongly endorse as it can be groundbreaking for businesses and homeowners alike should the worst happen… 

CCTV can be installed, across various sites within a premises, it does not just need to be one camera focusing on one area- this is something we always consider and advise our clients on. By having CCTV installed you increase your chances of being able to prosecute your perpetrator(s) should you need it as you can playback the footage and even be notified in real-time. Having CCTV is perhaps the most powerful tool when it comes to securing your premises as it can be extremely beneficial for putting your mind at ease due to the fact that there is little to no chance that you will miss anything.

It is also worth noting that you can potentially save yourself some money by having a security camera installed with motion detection lighting combined.

Windows and doors

Before the festive rush begins, take some time to inspect and reinforce your doors and windows. Make sure all locks are in good working condition, and consider upgrading to smart locks for an added layer of security. Reinforce windows with security film, and use window locks and alarms to make it more difficult for intruders to gain access.

Securing your windows and doors with extra measures is an inexpensive way to further protect what is yours.

Online “Presents”

While it's tempting to share your festive moments on social media, be cautious about broadcasting your travel plans or the expensive gifts you've received - it is known and often reported this is how burglars target homes, via social media. We would always recommend waiting until you are home to post your holiday snaps on social media, just in case!


On the note of valuables, and Christmas being the perfect time to gift that special item, bear in mind how you store your gifts. Consider storing expensive gifts in less obvious places and keep curtains or blinds closed to prevent prying eyes. If you have the ability to do so, install a safe for storing important documents, jewellery, and other valuables.

A note for employers, who have a company shutdown throughout the festive period and work from an office: Ensure that you are locking away all your expensive and personal equipment to ensure a lesser likelihood of theft should the worst happen.

Meet your neighbour

Engage with your neighbours and consider joining or establishing a neighbourhood watch program; there may already be an established programme within your local area. Building a relationship with your neighbour and letting them know when you will be away from home is a free alternative and it is reassuring to know someone has an eye out on your home!

Be sure to look out for each other's homes, including your own neighbours and be sure to report any suspicious activity to local authorities. 

Having a tight-knit community can be an excellent deterrent for potential burglars. With lots of deliveries being made, neighbours can help take in parcels to reduce the amount of doorstep theft which is always heightened around Christmas time.

For business owners, it can be great to get to know any of your business neighbours too as the same thing applies especially if they may be able to keep an eye on your property for you whilst you are enjoying your festivities.

In conclusion, the key to a safe and joyful festive season lies in preparation and vigilance and you don’t necessarily need to break the bank either. By taking proactive measures to secure your home and being mindful of potential risks, you can ensure that your holidays are filled with the cherished moments with loved ones that we eagerly await  each year. After all, the best gift you can give yourself and your family is the gift of a safe and secure home.

From the team here at Herts Security Systems Ltd, we wish you all a safe and secure festive season!

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