How to Secure Your Home: Essential Tips and Best Practices

In a world where our homes are the heart of everything, even the place for work and business for some people, securing your home is not just a choice; it's a necessity. 

Over the last 100 years advancements in technology have surpassed expectations and therefore, homeowners now have access to sophisticated tools such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, and alarms that can significantly enhance the security of their homes but these often come with a price tag.

Here at Herts Security Systems we want to ensure we provide you with as many tips and tricks as possible, without you spending a penny.

Start by analysing your space/property. 

  • Analysing security needs begins with a comprehensive walkthrough of your property and garden, a crucial step in identifying potential vulnerabilities that may entice a burglar. 

  • As you stroll through the surroundings, pay close attention to points of entry, such as doors and windows, ensuring all locks are still in good shape. Examine the visibility of valuable items from the outside, making adjustments to conceal high-value possessions that might attract unwanted attention. 

  • Take note of any overgrown vegetation or poorly lit areas that could provide cover for a potential intruder. 

  • Scrutinise as much as you wish as this will allow you to gain valuable insights into the weak points of your security, enabling you to tailor your defense strategy and implement measures that effectively deter and protect against potential threats. 

  • Something as simple as moving your bins away from a window can make all the difference in creating a deterrent.

Proofing your home doesn’t have to cost much or take long.

Whilst replacing locks and windows may seem costly it does not always have to burn a hole in your pocket - there are some quick fixes which can be used to secure your home. Use the below list to proof your home:

  • Check your locks, doors and windows! Do they need securing or replacing? Some older locks may be past their time and require replacements that can be bought from the likes of B&Q for little money.

  • Windows - are you due an upgrade? Consider switching to safety or shatterproof windows that may make it a little bit harder for a burglar to break through. 

  • Doors - Can they withstand some force or do they need a facelift? Be sure to protect any surrounding windows near doors to prevent burglars from breaking the glass and reaching in - plexiglass is a great option. 

  • Take the time to cut down shrubs that either prevent you from looking out of the garden or diminish the opportunities for hiding spots that are created from trees and shrubs. 

  • Invest in some motion sensor lights, these can be bought from Amazon with next-day delivery and although low cost, are hugely effective at acting as a deterrent.

There is so much that can be done day to day.

If you plan on going on holiday to spend the day away from home it can take a few minutes to set timers on TVs and lights and make sure your home still looks like you’re there. Whilst there is always a debate about leaving curtains open or closed, it’s important that if you decide to leave them open, to move valuables out of sight and perhaps even leave your home somewhat untidy to make it look lived in. Consider getting a letter basket so there’s no evidence of letters piling up and be sure to notify your neighbours of your holiday, should you be able to do so. 

Protect what is yours.

Investing in home security solutions is a proactive and essential measure, especially when faced with the common misconception of "it won't ever happen to me.". This is something that we can all well relate to; however, the unpredictable nature of life calls for a realistic approach. Burglaries can happen to anyone, regardless of geographic location or economic status. Embracing the mindset that it won't happen to you may inadvertently lead to complacency, leaving your home susceptible to risks. By acknowledging the possibility and taking preemptive action through robust security measures such as alarms, CCTV, and access control systems, you not only safeguard your property but also instill a sense of confidence and control. Investing in home security is an investment in peace of mind, providing a proactive defense against intruders.

Here at Herts Security Systems, we provide advice to each of our clients, ensuring that they have a solution that works for them because there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to home security.

If 2024 is the year where you want to invest in your home security and you live in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire then we would love to help you.